Notice about Course Registration and Exemption for Overseas students (Ⅰ)(Updated)
2020年09月14日 欧洲杯APP:

To all overseas students:

1. Students should complete course registration or exemption by following the guidebook “Guide to the System of Graduate School for International Students of 2020”.

2. Course Arrangement

Courses will start in batches:

(1) Public courses (i.e. “Basic Chinese” “Intermediate Chinese” and “China Overview”) will start from the fifth academic week (i.e. from Oct. 12th) and provided on line.  

(2)Some major courses will start from the first academic week (i.e. from Sept. 14th), and some major courses will be postponed until Oct. 12th. So you should make it clear with your supervisor or the coordinator of your own school.

(3)Although it is unclear when some courses will start, you should still make the courses into your study plan and register them.

(4)As for whether, when and how the postponed courses will be provided and which website the public courses will be given, the graduate school will issue a notice on website in late September.

3. Course Registration

(1) The system will be opened twice. The first one for course registration or alternation is from Sept 15th to Sept 30th. The second is from Oct. 12th to 16th.

(2) You can download the attached timetable collected from some academic schools. (NoteThe timetable is not 100% fixed for there would be some changes about the time or place of some courses. Please be alert to the timetable in your system account.)

(3) It is suggested that you can download “Application Form for Course Registration” from the website (see the last page of the guidebook) and fill in the courses of this semester that you want to register, so that it is convenient for one to help you register courses.

4. Course Exemption

The system for Public Course Exemption will open from Sept 14th to 25th.

You should make the course that you want to exempt into your personal study plan, but you must not register it. After you apply for course exemption on line, you should remind the course teacher to approve it on line.

You had better use Google Chrome to translate the website.

If you have any question about course registration, you can contact us by e-mail: or come to our office (Room 229 of the Building of Administration in Xipu Campus).

Provost Office of Graduate School

Sept 15, 2020

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